Individual Therapy

1104489104It can be difficult to accept help.

For many of us, there seems to be an invisible barrier that keeps us from putting the same energy into helping ourselves that we do into helping others.

Over time, this lack of self-care mounts, and life becomes unmanageable. But there is another way – you don’t have to struggle through each day.

One of my favorite things is when clients come into therapy saying, “I don’t really know if therapy will help me,” and leave saying, “Why did I wait so long to do this?” You deserve this experience.

You’re always short on time.

The dishes are piling up in the sink, laundry sits unfolded on the couch, and you can barely remember the last time you were able to sit down and enjoy a few minutes of calm.

Mornings are always rushed; the kids are late for school again, which means you’re late for work again. It’s like you’re constantly running behind.

When the weekend finally arrives, there doesn’t seem to be any relief. You’re so overwhelmed by the list of chores that have accumulated that you have trouble starting anything. It just seems easier to zone out and distract yourself with mindless tasks.

It feels like nothing you do is ever enough.

Critical and disruptive thoughts plague you all the time. That inner voice never gives you a moment’s peace. “Why can’t I just get things right?” You ask yourself.

You look around at others and wonder why things seem so difficult for you. “My friends all have their lives together and seem so effortlessly happy.”

When you try to reach out for support, it often makes you feel more alone. “No one understands how I feel, no matter how hard I try.”

You’re there for everyone else, but who’s there for you?

Friends call you to vent, knowing they can trust that you’ll always make time for them when they’re having a rough day.

Family always expects you to be on call when they need a favor. And why wouldn’t you? You never say no for fear of letting them down.

Your boss asks you to stay late again to cover another shift, and your plans for the night go out the window. What you want is always your last priority.

1629505678Therapy can help you move forward.

It’s time to focus on the challenges and issues you’re facing. This is a safe space to be yourself, vent your frustrations, talk through difficult decisions, and move away from unhealthy patterns.

Therapy isn’t meant to “fix you” or make your problems go away, but rather to teach you how to navigate obstacles, embrace challenges as a chance to grow, and find the confidence you didn’t know you had.

Through our work together, you’ll learn to put yourself first while still nurturing the relationships that are most important to you. As you gain a better understanding of where the unhealthy patterns of behavior originate, you’ll be able to develop better habits moving forward.