Depression & Anxiety

2165990621It’s like you’re living two separate lives.

There’s the part of you that everyone sees; happy, successful, fulfilled, and always put together. People think you’re the strong one, the collected one, the one who’s always thoughtful and calm.

Then there’s the other part – that secret part only you know – that feels empty, suffocated, and profoundly alone.

Sometimes, the sadness slips through to the surface, and others catch a glimpse and ask those dreaded words, “Are you ok?” Luckily, you’ve rehearsed this situation a thousand times, so you smile and nod that you’re fine, all the while screaming for help inside.

You try so hard to be everything to everyone.

You attempt to stay productive at work, even when operating at a suboptimal level. And at home, you desperately try to hold it all together.

But the constant second-guessing and self-criticism never stop. “I’m a disappointment.” “I don’t belong.” “Everyone would be better off without me.”

To combat this, you devote yourself to always being perfect. As long as you’re the best spouse, best employee, best parent, and best student, then maybe people won’t notice how deeply inadequate you actually feel.

But the growing emptiness is taking over your entire life.

Nobody understands what you’re going through. How could they when you barely understand it yourself? Living this way is so isolating, and you feel alone and misunderstood even when surrounded by people.

You start to wonder, “Is this just what life is supposed to feel like?”. The days all blur together and feel overwhelming. If only there were some way to stop this relentless pain, hopelessness, panic, and sadness.

Sometimes, against all odds, there are still brief moments where a glimmer of hope and light are visible. It reminds you there is another way to live. But you know that as soon as you stop to appreciate the momentary relief, the darkness floods back in and shatters any hope of a brighter future.

1835646622Find the support you need to move forward.

It’s time to stop trying to control the things you have no power over. Life will have moments of pain, sadness, and disappointment – but it doesn’t mean it has to destroy you.

Having consistent, regular support from a therapist allows you to work through your past and current struggles in a safe and nonjudgmental space. You’ll identify the relationships and experiences that cause unwanted feelings and how to move past them.

Using a holistic approach centered around emotion-focused techniques, you’ll gain coping skills that help you connect with, regulate, and change the unhelpful patterns you find yourself stuck in. Through our work together, you’ll develop the confidence to better navigate challenging situations and take back control of your life.