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Every day is the same.

The alarm goes off, and all you want to do is stay under the covers
and hide.

Frustration and anxiety take hold as you make a mental checklist of
everything you need to do.

You feel overwhelmed and exhausted, but, like every morning, you
plaster on a smile and pretend your way through the day.

The past still haunts you.

You try your best to always keep busy, so you don’t have to think
about your problems.

But painful memories of the past are becoming more difficult to

You thought you’d be over this by now, and it’s frightening to admit
that you aren’t.

You blame yourself for your shortcomings.

Why can’t I just get it together like everybody else?

I never seem to be able to do anything right.

This constant negative self-talk pushes you further into isolation
and anger.

It’s affecting every part of your life.

You’ve been neglecting your responsibilities, and it’s starting to

Finances are a mess, and self-care has gone out the window.

All of your relationships are struggling, and you frequently snap at
loved ones.

The usual things aren’t working anymore

If you hear one more person ask you, “What’s wrong? You seem
different lately?”
you feel like you really might lose it.

You have been working out more, listening to self-help books,
taking hot showers, and going to bed earlier – but the moments of
relief are temporary, and the thoughts don’t stay away for long.

It’s too much to bear anymore, and you feel like a letdown.

There is another way.

Don’t spend one more day just getting by.

Putting in the work is hard, but continuing to live your life this way
is even harder.

If you are ready to take back control of your life, therapy can help.

Owning our story can be hard, but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives
running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as
dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy – the experiences that
make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the
darkness, will we discover the infinite power of our light

– Brené Brown

Hi, I’m Cecelia.

And I am glad you found your way here!

I know it can be scary to be vulnerable with someone
you just met, and I consider it an absolute privilege to
be allowed to join you on your journey.

We’ll create a plan designed specifically for you that
gives you a roadmap to the life you want to live.
Together, we’ll help you heal from past hurts and
discover your innate resilience.

It’s time to make positive lasting changes and begin
living a life filled with peace and purpose.

You don’t need anything to take the next step. There’s
no better time than now to start.

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